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Colonel Disney was almost as inconsecutive and fragmentary in his conversation as his hostess, and did not imitate her smiling aspect. He was silent and moody, as he had been at the Glenaveril dinner, more than a year ago. That Silenus face bending towards his wife's ear鈥攖hat confidential air assumed in every look and tone鈥攎ade him furious. He could scarcely sit through the dinner. He wounded Mrs. Baynham in her pride of heart as a housekeeper by hardly touching her choicest dishes.?
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"I would do anything difficult and unwelcome for your sake鈥攈ow much more will I hasten my own happiness鈥攊f I[Pg 278] can. But Allegra is a difficult personage鈥攁s firm as rock when she has once made up her mind. And she has made up her mind to stay with you till you are quite well and strong again."!
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"That's a good hearing," said Disney, as he helped her into the landau..
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He shut the door quickly, and the brougham drove off before she could answer. She was alone in the darkness in the snug, warm little carriage. There was a clock ticking beside her, a sound that startled her in the stillness. There was a basket hanging in front of her, and an odour of cigars and Russia leather. There was a black bear rug, lined with white fleeciness, which almost filled the carriage. She had never sat in such a carriage. How different from the mouldy old brougham in which she occasionally went to dinner-parties鈥攁 capacious vehicle with a bow window, like a seaside parlour!.

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